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New Lower Prices!

We have recently lowered all the prices on nearly every product in the store.  You can now save up to 25% OFF retail price on numerous products. We can now offer the following permanent discounts on the following brands:

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At the Wellness Tree we only sell the finest quality Herbs, Vitamins and Supplements available.  We feature products from NOW , Enzymatic Therapy, Solaray, Source Naturals, Enzymedica, Nordic Naturals, Pure Essence Labs, MRM, Irwin Naturals, Nature's Secret, Europharma, Natures Sunshine, Natures Plus, Herbs Etc., New Chapter Flora, Renew Life and many more!


WHAT IS ITIt is called a low-level laser, often referred to as the laser designed to gently rejuvenate cells.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Cold lasers rejuvenate cells by donating energy in the form of photons, which increase the energy molecule of the cell, called ATP. This in turn stimulates the natural body cell to grow more efficiently. Sunlight donates photons to a garden which energizes the plants to grow and produce healthier fruits and vegetables.


 1. Cold lasers - have been designed to be used by anyone who wishes to use structured coherent light to rejuvenate body cells and bring the body to balance.

2.  Cold lasers - are also used to unwind and clear cell memory to activate quantum     rejuvenating processes. We do this with patented 'Wavestar' technology and unique violet crystal laser diode technology.

3.  Cold lasers - are used for injuries, pain relief, stress and disease of the body, organ detox and balancing, energy healing, designed with 110 programs that encompass all organs, glands and systems of the body.

Our System is used by many health practitioners such as Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Naturopaths, Biological Dentists, Physical Therapists, Sports teams and many ordinary people just like you.

Our Scalar Wave protocols are not designed to treat or cure any medical conditions as is understood that the body is fully capable of rejuvenating and finding solutions to its injuries and disease once the body is helped to achieve balance. THE SOURCE OF ALL DISEASE IS A BODY OUT OF BALANCE. An out of balance body is produced by STRESSORS. N.I.H., and Mayo Clinic have stated that 85% of all disease is caused by stress (stressors).

*BASIC SESSION $30.00 Includes                             5 SESSIONS FOR $125

Adrenals, Sacral, Occipital, Thymus and                 

one additional point of concern.

Time: Approximately 30 Minutes






LIGHT THERAPY: Has been in world class research trials from 1990, and continues presently. It was used in the 1890's when Dr Neils Finsen was curing Smallpox lesions and Variola using red and infrared rays.  From this research its established benefits are: 1) Beneficial to the human cells, 2) Pain relief,

3) Beneficial to health and wellness, 4) Healing effect on wounds, burns and ulcers, 5) Rays are absorbed vie 137 million photo neurons in the eyes.  These results come from 8,000+ studies and 2,500 double blind studies.

EUROPE:  Light therapy rooms are provided in some hospitals for surgery healing.

                    Light therapy cafes (Therapy while you eat)


DR. ANDREW WEIL:  "Health is the harmonious flow of life energy, and when imbalances occur then

                                           illness results".


DR. MEHMET OZ:  "We are all light deficient, and this deficiency may be the source of our physical

                                      and emotional problems".


SUNLIGHT:  "Sunlight carries electromagnetic waves (frequencies) some visible and some invisible,

                           which carries information for the body to follow".

                         "Light energy is profoundly capable of influencing the healing process"

                         "The visual eye apparatus is not the only sensory organ that responds to light"


DR. POPP:  Researched for 30 years to find the frequencies of all parts of the body, both in total

                    health and in total disease.


MONOCHROMATIC LIGHTS:  Have been used to promote tissue regeneration with such problems as

wounds, burns, cirrhosis, rashes, tendonitis, torn ligaments, arthritis, circulatory conditions, organ and tissue degeneration.  RESEARCHERS are studying light therapy that seems to repair heart tissue after a heart attack and remedying the side effects of cancer treatments just by shining high intensity light in varying colors on the affected areas.


In these ground breaking therapies, light emitting diodes (LED's) are used to apply concentrated doses of light to patients.  "It represents a quantum leap in medicine", says Harry T. Whelan M.D., professor of Neurology at the Medical College of Wisconsin, and a leading researcher in that field.  He says, "It's a change from the standard medical models of drugs and surgery where you are basically either poisoning or cutting the patient".  "Light apparently works on human tissue at the cellular level, transferring energy to the Mitochondria which functions as microscopic power plants helping the body to repair itself".


The secret to the many ways that light can be used in medicine lies in the varying wavelengths of different colors.  "These are essentially the different colors of the rainbow, and each has a different effect on human tissue", says David Goldberg M.D., director of skin laser and surgery specialists of New York, who has been doing research in this field for over 2 decades.


                                               $50.00 per session







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